THE SURPRISING ARRAY OF ADVANTAGES YOU WILL GAIN helps visitors to become more energetic and, thus, to improve their health, quality of life, work success, earnings potential as well as their relationships with family, friends, colleagues and others.

The following examples are representative of the many different ways in which this is accomplished. They are either already described in or will be dealt with in future additions and amplifications as well as in the EnergizingLife Newsletter.



Difficulties getting up are not fate -- not even on Mondays!

Removing, once and forever, the discomfort, stress and frustration from getting out of bed.

Psyching yourself up for a happy day.

Why you should toss out your alarm clock and get one that's far better for your health.

Better still: using your incredibly accurate "inner alarm" to wake up feeling better than ever before.

The "express" technique that will get you out of bed in two minutes or less.

Energy-challenged? Getting on your feet in five minutes or less with virtually effortless "baby steps."  



Guarding against paralyzing brain fog and confusion. 

How to gain momentum and make early-morning routines far more efficient and even enjoyable.

The one most effective way to get "organized" and ready for the day's opportunities and challenges.

Finding the time to savor unhurried, nutritious sit-down breakfasts.

Why and how to have some fun before leaving.



Using your commute to prepare for a delightful, productive day.

Maintaining equanimity when reckless drivers get ahead of you.

Setting the stage for success upon arrival at your place of work by giving your colleagues an instantaneous mood and energy lift, and getting one from them in return.

How to avoid dillydallying, and plunge happily into demanding high-priority work.

Why consuming foods and beverages with sugar and other simple carbohydrates will make you tired and grouchy after an hour or two (and obese and/or sick a few years down the road).

Coffee or no coffee? How much, if any? Types to stay away from. "Energizing" beverages that aren't.

Experiencing the thrill of being a high achiever.



What you must know about your nightly sleep cycles to get the highest return on your "shut-eye."

Often overlooked arrangements for the most invigorating sleep ever.

How to develop your personal best sleep schedule.

Why most of us should not worry about getting enough sleep.

How to sleep less in order to not only gain time for more of what you love to do, but also to become more energetic (!). An intriguing possibility, and how you may be able to make it succeed.

The number-one reason for the dreaded "Monday- morning blues."

How "sleeping in" on weekends sabotages your energy.
Why going to bed hungry is just as bad as big, fatty or spicy late dinners.
The benefits of munching the way your grandmother told you to.
Alcoholic "night-caps": bad for you even though they promote sleep.



How sticking to a fixed sleep schedule smacks of virtue but sets you up for "sleep failure."

Why you should never go to bed "at your regular time."

The one best way to prevent worries from keeping you awake.

Astonishing effects of progressive muscle relaxation, "right thinking," autosuggestions, mantras, meditation and prayer.

The connection between enjoying intimacy and sex, and waking up invigorated.

The futility and danger of "trying" to fall asleep, and how it can cause insomnia.

What to do if you can't nod off in ten minutes or less.
The case against sleeping pills (and even natural sleep aids).
How to overcome the three serious types of insomnia.