For research-skilled Hugo Tschudin, enlightenment was long in coming. Getting out of bed became more and more challenging as he grew older ... until, finally, at age 77, he "had enough" and decided to take aim at his plight.

Seeking relief, he first plowed through uncounted pages and megabytes of good, bad and indifferent information on "personal energy management." Much of it turned out to be unconvincing or even contradictory. Then he started his own investigations, experimenting with a variety of:


sleep schedules,


approaches to making sleep more invigorating,


psychological strategies to motivate himself to get up,


step-by-step procedures to make getting on his feet virtually effortless,

   ways to cope with the "brain fog" that made it hard to get ready and navigate through the morning rush-hour traffic,
   techniques to maintain his work productivity at a high level without consuming the wrong types of foods and beverages, etc.

Some of his experiments failed. Others succeeded wonderfully and increased his daytime vigor and mood to levels he had not experienced for decades. This is how he proved to himself (and others who would listen) that difficulties getting up are not destiny - not even on Mondays.

Having solved his own early-morning "energy problem," Hugo Tschudin hopes, and confidently expects, that EnergizingLife.com —including future updates, additions and amplifications —will help its visitors to live with joy and can-do vigor right from the beginning of every day!

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