Hugo Tschudin’s passion and mission is to present carefully researched, down-to-earth, up-to-date information on energizing our lives right from the start of every day. His recommendations, articles, reports and action programs are based on his ongoing explorations of new developments in areas of expertise as diverse as psychology, physiology, nutrition, medicine, pharmacology, social sciences and successful life strategies.

As far back as he can remember, Hugo Tschudin was not exactly the poster child for the happy riser! In fact, getting out of bed to face the new day became more and more of a challenge for him until …

He decided to use his well-honed research skill to find practical solutions to early-morning listlessness, fatigue and depression.

He gained these skills while working as a research assistant to a highly respected, pioneering professor at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

After having earned his doctor’s degree in Law, he came to the United States and joined Vick Chemical Company. His major accomplishment there was an innovative concept for an over-the-counter medication to fight tropical intestinal parasites.

Hugo Tschudin continued to use his research proficiency while he launched his own company, doing market research for his international clientele and writing two books on international marketing.

But his most gratifying research relates to his former getting-up problem. He sifted through countless books, articles, research summaries, websites and blogs. He also experimented with a variety of sleep schedules, procedures to make getting up easier, ways of coping with “brain fog”, etc., to come up with the practical answers that “did the trick” for him.

Based on these investigations he prepared a comprehensive action program in the form of a time-saving, information-packed checklist. Entitled Wake Up to Abundant Energy: 113 Ways to Make it Easy to “Rise and Shine,”  this booklet is a shortcut to overcoming early-morning inertia (accessible instantaneously as a booklet “download” for $4.77).

At the age of 78, Hugo Tschudin had more enthusiasm, verve and initiative than he had in his twenties … and launched this website, EnergizingLife.com.